THIS EVENT IS FULL! We’re sorry we could not accommodate a larger group. Please visit the Great Plains Nature Center to learn about other programs and opportunities they have available.

Our g2g Outside November event is just around the corner, and it will be a fun one! The Great Plains Nature Center is hosting a Night Hike/Full Moon Walk through Chisholm Creek Park. Enjoy an evening under the stars and experience nocturnal nature!

There are two important things you should know…

1. You MUST RSVP to attend.

2. Space is limited to 25 people.

This event is full, but it looks like they are going to do the hike again (not as part of g2g) on Wednesday, December 18th.

Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather, but you don’t need to bring anything else.


I don’t know if you noticed or not, but it’s been HOT lately.  A way to beat the heat, and still get outside for some nature time is to take a night walk.  I like the time just after sunset until true dark.  It’s  light out so you can see, but the sun isn’t beating down on you.

  • Listen – What do you hear as you walk through the neighborhood? Ask the question and then let your kids answer first.  On my walk last night I heard crickets, toads, cicadas, cars, kids playing, and an airplane.
  • Bugs – Be careful while walking under street lights.  Bugs tend to congregate there and if you don’t keep your mouth closed  you may have an uninvited snack (found this out the hard way).  But, under street lights is a great place to see all sorts of insects.  Take a bug net with you and see what you can catch!
  • Sky– Look up at the sky…is there a moon?  Half?  Whole? Waxing?  Waning? (Those last 2 are great vocabulary words for the kiddos.)  Are the stars out?  Can you see more starts at the end of your walk than you saw at the begining?  How many constellations can you find?
  • Look Everywhere – On my walk last night I saw a toad just sitting alongside the sidewalk.  He was watching and waiting for something tastey to flutter past so he could have dinner.  Don’t forget to look up, down, under, beside, and on-top of everything on your walk.  My guess is your kids will spot critters and cool things to explore before you do 🙂

Take advantage of one of the last summer nights by staying up until midnight.  You will be rewarded with a chance to view a meteor shower tonight!!  Astronomers expect up to 200 meteors per hour in short bursts of up to 15 minutes or so. But many of the fainter meteors will not be visible due to moonlight, and rates will go down even more for those in urban areas. More likely a typical observer under reasonably dark skies might hope to see a meteor every couple minutes when the bursts come, and fewer during lulls.  The best time to watch is between midnight and 5 am.