Our final g2g Outside event is upon us! You have the opportunity to do some bird watching in the Jungle Building at the Sedgwick County Zoo! Here are the details:

When: Saturday, December 14th from 3:30 pm – 5 pm.

Where: Sedgwick County Zoo Jungle Building

Meet At: I will post that information as soon as I have it, but typically we meet at the Cargill Learning Center and you MUST be on time!

RSVP is required and there is a limit of 25 people. Call 316-266-8213 to RSVP.


P1060125  I can’t believe that it’s almost September! I really don’t know where the summer has gone. Our September g2g Outside event is coming up in less than 2 weeks! It is going to be held here at the Sedgwick County Extension Office.

Treats, Treks, & Toodle-oo’s

When: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 from 6-7 p.m.

Where: Meet in the Demonstration Garden at the Sedgwick County Extension Office (It’s on the Ridge Road side of the building) for some treats and then we’ll head off on some treks! We’ll be walking on our Nature Trail and perhaps have a scavenger hunt of our grounds as well.

Who: Anyone that’s bringing a child with them!

Cost: FREE!

No RSVPs are necessary.

So, the treats and the treks part of this event are pretty obvious. Maybe you’re wondering about the “Toodle-oo’s” part?

Well, that’s the other part of the news. Those of us that have been working with g2g Outside for the last 5 years have made the decision to end the program after this year. We have lost staff in the past couple of years and all of us, including our partner agencies, have been taking on new and different job responsibilities, leaving less and less time for g2g Outside. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the blog has been pretty quiet this year. There is no longer anyone that is able to spend enough time on g2g Outside to keep offering the program in a way that is thriving and growing. We are all sad to say goodbye to you, but we hope you’ll keep on playing outside anyway!

SO….The September event will be the LAST g2g event hosted by our core team. I know that Tonya is planning to come back for the event, and most of the rest of us are planning to be there.  We hope you can stop by to say goodbye!

The November and December events are still going to happen, just with one of the partner agencies. Keep watching the blog for information about those events. After our December 2013 event, there will be no more g2g events planned for the future.

The blog will still be here for links and references, and I may even post something once in a great while. We hope you will keep on with the good outdoor habits and play that you’ve learned in the last 5 years!

NACAA Oregon 090There is some good news and sad news in my g2g post today.

First the sad news – get it over with.  This will be my last week at Extension.  Due to budget cuts and staff decreases I get to start on a new life adventure at a different job (that I’m in the process of searching for as we speak).

Quick, the Good News –  g2g is not going anywhere and is even growing.  Rebecca is going to keep the g2g blog posts coming, and will be the contact at Extension for the g2g program.  Even better is that our g2g Team is growing!

g2g Outside started in 2009 with a little idea and a lot of passion by a group of gals from the City of Wichita WATER Center, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism and Sedgwick County Extension.  In order to create a greater network and more stability we are expanding our g2g Team. 

Welcome the following organizations to the g2g ranks:  Botanica, Exploration Place, Great Plains Nature CenterSedgwick County Farm Bureau, Sedgwick County Zoo and the Wichita Public Library

We are already working on an exciting line up of g2g events for 2013.  Be prepared for awesome activities and wonderful opportunities starting in March.  Event details will be posted soon so stick close.

If my new job will allow me to add my organization to this amazing g2g Team you know I’ll be back.  You can’t get rid of me that easily 🙂

Have a wonderful holiday and get outside and play with your friends and family this season!  I know I’m going to.


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:
Observe the nests in the trees in your yard (or nearby where you live).

Winter is the perfect time to look up into the tree branches and discover what hides behind the leaves during the rest of the year.

Although most of the small twig and mud-constructed nests will be empty during the cold months, larger nests and tree cavities may hold winter-hardy creatures.  Some visible winter nest users include squirrels and owls (Great Horned owls have even begin to incubate their eggs in the winter!).

Mission Report:

1.  How many nests or nesting cavities (holes in trees) did you find?

2. How many nests were constructed out of leaves and about the size of a basketball (squirrel-made nest)?

3. How many nests were constructed from grass, twigs or mud?

Up for more of a challenge?  Visit a nearby Wichita Wild Habitat Area to see a greater diversity of nests and winter creatures.

Passionate about reconnecting children and families with the outdoors?  Creative?  Organize? Computer savvy? Consider working with the g2g Outside team!

g2g Outside is looking for a coordinator for the 2010 summer program.  This is a grant-funded, seasonal position whose application period closes on February 12, 2010, or until filled.

For more information, please visit the Extension website  for a position description and application form.

The “g2g Outside” team wants to know what you thought about the Summer 2009 events so that we can make 2010 even more fun!

The the short 10-question survey usling the link below:

Click Here to take survey

The planning team is already hard at work on the 2010 g2g Outside summer programs.  We’d love to know your ideas!  We will be planning more “Play in the Park” dates, more behind-the -scenes “Explore” opportunities, and more summer contests.

Can’t wait until next summer?  The g2g Outside team will be announcing a mid-winter event to get you out of the house just in time to burn off those holiday calories!

Watch the blog throughout the fall and winter – it will be update weekly with family outdoor activities, community outdoor events, and updates on g2g Outside-sponsored programs.