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Thank you to Jessica for submitting this photo of her son at Tanganyika from a couple weeks ago. They are the winners for this week’s photo contest!

Also – don’t forget that we have another g2gOutside event tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 14th at Pawnee Prairie Park, from 6-7pm. You can find directions by clicking this link here! Look forward to seeing you there!!


Good afternoon g2g families!  The summer is officially over – school has started. Labor day has come and gone, and the weather is starting to cool down a little.

For our last photo contest we will award the winner with three Zoo passes (Sedgwick County Zoo). I realize three is a random number but it is perfect for two parents and 1 child, or 1 parent, 2 children!

Send us your photo from your child at your FAVORITE g2g event from the summer! Whether it was blowing bubbles at Evergreen park, flying kites at Colvin, exploring Botanica or walking around Tanganyika – send it in by Monday, September 13th and we will post the photos monday afternoon, vote all week, and announce the winner on Friday! send it to


Congratulations Michelle and family! you have won two free passes to Botanica!

The next theme for our photo contest is FORTS! (appropriately so!) Submit pictures of your children building forts by monday, August 16 for a chance to win 2 free passes to the ZOO! 🙂 Submit photos (only one per family) to

Take just a minute or two to vote for this week’s winner. The winner will be announced on Friday, August 13th (polls close Thursday night at 5) and the winner will receive 2 free passes to Botanica! Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, August 11th, for fort building! (Location TBA!)

Skye! Her father, Dominic, said, “This is Skye playing in the Ninnescah river after doing some fishing in the morning at Kingman SFL.  Sandy bottom and cool water is a great natural resource for a nice fun time!” Congrats! You may come by our office anytime today, 8-5, or next week (M-F, 8-5) to collect your Coleman sleeping bag! 🙂

Congratulations, Skye! And thank you to all who participated in this week’s photo contest! 🙂 Submit your new photos by Monday, August 9th, for a chance to win 2 free passes to Botanica! The theme this week is ADVENTURE!

Good afternoon! It is H-O-T outside, and after checking the weather for the week, I do not think it will get much cooler. In this type of heat and with such high heat index, it is good to be careful when going outside.

When playing outside in extreme temperatures, please make sure to:

-drink plenty of water or electrolyte beverage (avoid soda or heavy sugary drinks, which may cause you to feel sick or neausa). A recent study I read encouraged that you drink half of your body weight in ounces of water or low-sugar beverage each day. For a 150 lb person, this means that you should drink 75 ounces of water each day.

take breaks! Play outside during the cool parts of the day (morning and later evening) and if playing outside during the hot parts of the day (late morning and afternoon) take plenty of breaks by resting inside.

-stay in the shade. Shade, which is typically provided by a tree when in the outdoors, offers coverage from the sun and sometimes a gentle breeze. If no shade is provided, get creative! Bring an umbrella, wear a hat or bring your own small shade tent when possible.

Also, for all of you that receive the g2g weekly updates, via email, you saw that we have posted another g2g photo contest (entries were to be submitted by noon this morning)! The theme for this photo contest is WATER! Appropriately so, since last week we played at the WATER center, and with these temperatures, it is not a bad idea to hang out with a cool body of water somewhere!

Please vote on one of the following photos by Friday, at noon. The winner will receive a free  Coleman sleeping bag! 🙂

g2gOutside is excited to announce it’s third photo contest winner! MJ Dewey submitted this photo of her son from their family vacation! Please come by the Sedgwick County Extension office anytime after noon today to pick up your two free zoo passes or two free Botanica passes! Congratulations!

For the next Photo contest we would like you to send in pictures of your kids doing something involved with WATER. We realize it’s hot out and those kids just love running through a sprinkler, jumping in a puddle or swimming in the pool! So, take some photos of your kids this weekend (or your kids can take photos of something with water) and send them in by Monday at noon! The winner will receive a sleeping bag from Coleman (more details to come later!) Send your photo to

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